Extra: Vela Vela & Allez les Velos

On this page you will find two songs that are being taught to the Cycle of Songs Choir by Rowena Whithead. They will be performed by the choir at the events that Cycle of Songs have organised and are involved with this summer (21st June Pop-up Choir, 5th July Big Weekend, 5th July Sing and Swim, and 7th July Sing on the Steps).

All of the sound files below can also be downloaded by clicking here.

1. Vela Vela
a traditional South African song in Xhosa. 
'Vela sikubone
Thina ma Harmony.'
'Come let us see you.
We are harmony.' 
You can listen to the parts below:
Top part
NOTE: The bass part should be sung an octave below Rowena's singing.
To see a video of 'Vela Vela' sung at the Cycle of songs launch at Great St Mary's Church on Sunday 11th May 2014.

2. Allez les Velos! (Go Bicycles!)

Sung to the tune of Bele Mama, A traditional song from the Cameroon, W. Africa, and we may sing 'Allez les cyclistes! 


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