About us

Partnership: HistoryWorks & Pilot Theatre

The project is delivered by an equitable partnership between two organizations who have come together to win the tender: HistoryWorks & Pilot Theatre.  Pilot Theatre are the contracted organisation and manage the budget, HistoryWorks are contracting the artists and choirs, venues and crews. The Creative Direction is delivered by Helen Weinstein, Creative Director of HistoryWorks. The Technical Direction is delivered by Jon Calver, Technical & Business Director of HistoryWorks. The Artistic Direction is delivered by Marcus Romer, Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre. Helen Weinstein is engaged as overall Producer with the Historyworks team who are responsible for the delivery of the assets and commissions for live performances and for their use on the app & website. Also to deliver the outward facing media delivery of website & photography, video & audio assets.

Helen Weinstein - Creative Director and Producer for Cycle of Songs - first point of contact for poets, composers, historians, and press! Helen will be shaping the overall creative content for the project - commissioning the artists (composers and poets), finding the choirs for performing the pieces and producing the recordings for the app, directing the short film, & organizing the partnerships, making the decisions about venues, managing the events. Do please contact Helen about recordings & filming & venues, press pieces and events listings - you can find Helen by texting/calling her on 07974-827-753 or by emailing Helen at cycleofsongs@gmail.com or DM via twitter @historyworks.tv

Sam Johnson - Admin/Co-ordinator for Cycle of Songs - first point of contact for members of the public wanting to be a participant in our Cycle of Songs Choir, to volunteer at our events as a steward or first aider, intern with our production team, set up a press interview or photography session at one of our events or rehearsals - you can find Sam by calling him on 07541-387-073 or emailing him at cycleofsongs@gmail.com or DM via twitter @waitingforsam

Rowena Whitehead - Choral Director for Cycle of Songs Choir & Live Events - will lead the choir rehearsals for the 'popup' choir events, and point of contact for Choir Leaders with questions about the pieces - you can find Rowena by calling her on 01223-573-288 or emailing her via talkingintune@ntlworld.com

Marcus Romer - Artistic Director - first point of contact for participants in the live events with queries about choreography - role of shaping the branding and working with Mat Lazeny to create the posters, stickers, postcards, leaflets - so do contact Marcus if you need printed materials - or for events ask to talk to Ben Pugh for health & safety issues at a venue for one of our live events - you can find Marcus by calling him on 0774-922-118 or emailing him at cycleofsongs@gmail.com or DM him @marcus_romer

Jon Calver - Sound Engineer and Editor - for poets and composers and choirs - contact Jon if you have technical questions about recording venues and our sound kit and app edit - you can find Jon by calling him on 07753-607-620 or emailing him at cycleofsongs@gmail.com or DM via @historyworks.tv

Jo Reid - Calvium - App builders- do call Calvium if you are interested in the App functionality, or have questions for Press pieces - you can find Jo by calling her on 0117-370-8875 or emailing her at jo@calvium.com

Mat Lazenby - Graphics - for events listings and printers and press - contact Mat if you need our logo for Cycle of Songs to be adjusted for publicity and press - you can find Mat by calling him on 01904 622-999 or emailing him at mat@lazenbybrown.com

Rick Taylor - Website designer - if you are wanting to mirror our web design or have a problem with signup - please contact Rick by  emailing him at rick@ricktaylordesign.co.uk.

This project has been commissioned by Cambridge City Council and is funded by the Arts Council England to celebrate Stage 3 of the Tour de France which takes place in Cambridge on July 7th 2014 - and therefore the aim of Cycle of Songs is to run a series of events up to and including 7th July with public rehearsals and performances. 

More details can be found here http://www.letour.com/le-tour/2014/us/stage-3.html. Cycle of Songs will also feature as part of the Velo Festival, a "series of countywide activities run by local community organisations between May and September to showcase how cycling has become part of Cambridgeshire’s past, present and future." More details about the Velo Festival can be accessed via http://letour.yorkshire.com/velo-festival