Marcus Romer

Marcus Romer, Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre

"I am looking forward to developing the app and the project with Historyworks as this represents a growing area of our work that we have been creating - using technology as an opportunity for audiences to interact with new work in their own time and space.

I am particularly excited to be working closely with the Creative Director for Cycle of Songs, Helen Weinstein, and to be part of helping to create this new project for Cambridge, as I have recently moved to the city and the discovery of new voices, stories and people here has been an inspiration".

Marcus has directed many productions all over the world - including Buenos Aires, Beijing, Bermuda, Bratislava, Budapest and other cities not only beginning with’B’

Most recently he adapted and directed the new movie for Universal Pictures - The Knife That Killed Me

With Pilot he co-created the epic Blood + Chocolate outdoor promenade piece with SlungLow

twitter: @marcusromer

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