Jo Reid, Creative Director of Calvium

"My name is Jo Reid and I am a founder and creative director at Calvium, a mobile app developing company based in Bristol. Calvium are the chosen app developers for the Cycle of Songs app, which will enable people to hear the works and the stories that inspire them along the route, providing a lasting digital legacy for the city. 

At Calvium, we are particularly excited about Cycle of Songs because it's an example of using original music that is going to be located in a place, which will build on our apptrails™  repertoire in new and exciting ways. Furthermore we are thrilled to be able to offer the app as a permanent celebration of Cycle of Songs long after the live events have taken place."

Calvium build award winning apps that help brands tell stories. Stories about people, places, sights, sounds and brands. Jo specialises in GPS and site-specific experience design such as the game “Prisoner Escape from the Tower of London”. Plus community storytelling apps such as City of London's Visitor Trails, National Trust’s Soho Stories and the Guardian's StreetStories. Jo has been involved in developing over twenty such apptrails™ using her own experience design framework and processes.

A finalist Everywoman Innovator of the Year in 2012, Jo has worked at the forefront of user centred technology research in Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Texas Instruments and Xerox. She incorporates this knowledge in her app development training days and consultancy.Her published works include research papers on Experience Design and guidelines for creating GPS apps.

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